company overview

Practice an honest commitment and customer-oriented services for the health and happiness
and happiness and always will with a beginning and end.

Eunsung Healthvill Co.,Ltd. We are a leading brand namecompany in the market
for its full range of fitness equipments with more than 20 years experiences
in both home and commercial areas.

The company covers a completed service cycle from manufacturing, sales, delivering, assembly and test for individual customer at site and service call center
with real time trouble shooting.

With efficient quality and customer demand circulation, we have been earning our reputations not only from all our customers and partners but also "Best Customer Service Center"
award from the authorities.

A goal that never be changed from the very beginning to now and for the future is bringing healthy and energetic lives to our customers and partners
and provide them the best values than what they have been expecting.

See you in the healthvill.

Eunsung Healthvill Co., Ltd.

Steve Munsu Kim

company history

  • 1994
    Samhwa Industrial Physical foundation
  • 1996
    South Korea's first stepper production
  • 1997
    Eunsung sports Industry Changed
  • 1998
    LG home shopping, Shopping 39 tv shopping launched
  • 1999
    This year's shopping hit 10 items selected
  • 2001
    Equipment for chiropractic (geokkuri) Utility Model Registration
  • 2002
    Product liability (pl) insurance
    Treadmill production and alternative exhibitions for club taispo
    emart, homeplus delivery start
  • 2003
    Seoul Trade and sales locations
    Korea international trade association memvership
    For sporting goods industry cooperative (kospa) member
  • 2004
    Health cycles for patent registration
  • 2005
    All product safety enforcement unit inspection Korea Petrochmical Testing and Research institute
    Communications vendors report
    Homeplus pb product development and delivery
  • 2006
    Establish direct shipping across the country and a/s network
  • 2007
    Brand registration , service mark registration
    Tiwan taichung office locations
  • 2008
    Trademark / service mark registration Tiwan taichung office locations
  • 2009
    Kibo Technology Fund selected venture company certification
    Extend the previous Waegwan industrial Complex
  • 2010
    Exelent selection of the best nationalcompany (Kookmin Bank) 1000 pyeong logistics base composition
    Rowing machine patent registration
    The possible replacement of barbell weights patent registration
    Patent registration exercise bike / The Chamber of Commerce member
  • 2011
    Consumer - oriented management (ccm) certified
    Innovation SMEs(inno-biz) Certification
  • 2012
    Flat-scale production in 3700, the previous intergrated logistics
  • 2013
    Consumer - oriented management (ccm) re-certification
  • 2014
    Day of the consumer Prime Minister Award
  • 2015
    Ministry of Culture, Sports and excellent equipment manufactures specify
    Chinese sports exhibition participation"